Tuesday, August 5, 2008

West Coast Trail

Flying early in the morning from Idaho Falls, to Boise, to Seattle

Where we ate lunch and where a scene of Sleepless in Seattle was filmed.

Fish market

Some great reading for preparation for the trail

Navigating in Seattle

Funny little smart car
Arrived in Victoria then drove to Bamfield, Vancouver in British Columbia. This was at our base camp the day before we left.
Our last meal before we began the hike the next morning.

The story of the MAT!
I didn't have a mat to go under my sleeping bag and the first night at base camp just wasn't very comfortable. I went to a local hardware store in Bamfield and the kind owner/clerk went home and got me his old mat and gave it to me! I told him I officially like Canadians because of him! :) I slept well almost every night because of this man's generosity and so I decided to take pictures with the mat and I am going to send him a thank you card with the pictures of where his mat traveled on the West Coast Trail.

The first day as we started the trail...

One of the easy logs to hike on...

Huge Slugs!!!The first and smallest of about 150 ladders

Mike & Ike bush :)Trina and Aneka about to sample the Mike & Ikes

Two photos brought to you by Trina Hill Photography:

A lou with a view!
Not really...

Really...and Trina was supposed to be keeping watch, but used my camera instead!

The crab stand - fantastic crab, yum!

The last day with my mat.
Saying goodbye to my mat.

Surprise picture while I was sleeping on the ferry.

Riding in the taxi from the Clipper trying to get to the Seattle airport in time....and we made it!

We flew to Boise and stayed with Alisha and Ryan for a night and then drove home to Idaho Falls.


Brittany said...

Lisa, that trip looks awesome! You have so many great pictures and everything looks so beautiful! I am totally jealous!

DangGina said...

What GORGEOUS pictures! It looks like it was so much fun!! I love the mike and ike bush...oh, what fun!

katie said...

That looks so fun!! I wish I could've gone with you. Did you get any blisters? Do you need me to come pop them?...

Lisa John said...

I had a bad one after the To Bone and Back race and I thought of you... :)

Natasha said...

Wow Lis, looks like you're having a blast!!! I miss you tons!

Lisa Johnson said...

You are so adventerous and fun! What a neat trip! That was super nice of that man to give you his old mat. Isn't it funny how such a small act of kindness can make such a huge difference?

Crystal said...

Looks like a fun trip. The best part is that it looks cool, not hot like down here!