Friday, April 11, 2008

Water Aerobics!

Thursday morning I went to a water aerobics class, expecting to be the youngest one there and definitely correct. I knew the class might not be as challenging as I thought when I counted four women wearing glasses...hmmm. How can you do an intense water aerobics workout in glasses? It turns out I was the only one wearing any kind of little shorts or anything to cover up my less than perfect thighs. These women were just comfortable with their bodies or oblivious, I'm not sure which.

Fifteen kind, energetic, and welcoming older women accepted me into their class and made sure they knew my name and introduced me. The back section of the class was for the talkers...I guess this was their social hour. They would kind of bob up and down, moving their arms in the water (we were in the shallow end), while the instructor taught and motivated us.

One woman came in dancing and singing some Christmas song about snow because it was snowing outside. (Yes, I am in Idaho.) What a hilarious experience with such uninhibited, kind women.

The workout can be as intense as you make it, so I worked hard and tried to make it worth it.

We didn't do any fancy syncronized swimming, but had fun none the less.

Great workout with great entertainment!


Fannie said...

Hi, Lisa. Thanks for visiting my blog. I accidentally clicked the wrong button and deleted it, and it's irreversible. Oops. Thanks for your comments.

Nice to hear from you.

Re: "uninhibited, kind women"--age and the passage of time are teachers. Most women in my generation understand and accept the ideas and results of "growing old." This doesn't mean we "like" it. But with age and experience comes wisdom and a new set of eyes. Through these eyes, one looks beyond the outward appearance and looks directly into one's heart. That's where truth lives and where love, acceptance, kindness, understanding and fairness, etc. are refined.

Love your blog and reading your insights. Will visit again.

~"Fannie" ;-D

Lisa Johnson said...

Hey there! I found your blog through Shaneen Packards, which I found through Marilyn Berrett's, which I found from my sister's blog! :) I'm so excited to keep in touch with what's going on in your life! :)

JON & LEXIE said...

Hey Lisa-

I love water aerobics too. I found your blog through my sister's. Oh and just if you didn't know this is Lexie Guymon aka Lexie Johnson. Thanks again for being so amazing in YWs to me. Hope you are loving life, it sure looks like you are. I LOVE water aerobics too.